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Le Coeur Pensif
How fascinating is that enthralling age that opens with the French Revolution and closes with the aftermath of the Great War: the nineteenth century. An age that may be characterised by a constant and ardent animation, enthusiasm and devotion, combined with the sharpest rationalism and contemplation - in short, a century with a pensive heart. This long century, bustling with energy, curiosity, a sense of progress, melancholy and pessimism, striving frenetically for beauty in all things, happiness in all people and genius in the whole world, shaped our world of today. But its spirit has waned and the great nineteenth century’s atmosphere with all its achievements and malice is more and more strange to us.

On Le Coeur Pensif this bygone century may come to light again. I gathered places on the internet here where the nineteenth century lives. And there are books...

Already a long time ago I started being astonished at the extent to which reading and looking at pictures can bring you back in time. I took a book from the nineteenth century, preferably truly old, but if necessary a modern edition, and it was as if I was in de middle of those days, times past but yet fresh as today, almost palpable. How would I love to encourage people to have that same experience. Therefore, I here offer books from the nineteenth-century collection I accumulated through the years. For a similar pleasure, I published one or two books that give aptly a feeling of the nineteenth century in one way or another.

I do hope that you may experience these printed materials, like I do, as windows that give a look into the nineteenth century, its spirit and its people, sometimes odd and incomprehensible, always fascinating.

Wim Kuypers
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