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Old books: the catalogues
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Each catalogue has been centred around a specific subject. Using 'search' enables you to search in all catalogues at the same time. You may use any word when searching.

The condition of the books is described briefly. However, one has to realise and take notice of the fact that the books are old, come from a period of much experimenting with new techniques in often cheap material and printing and binding methods, and have generally been produced industrially, using perishable materials like cloth and wood pulp paper. Therefore, even with works in a good condition, the ravages of time can usually be noticed. Copies may have minor defects and general evidence of ageing that have not been included in the description.

Books only have their original wrappers if expressly stated.

Please, do not hesitate to call or write if you have any queries.
Number Name
1 19th century lives
5 General history
6 19th century history
7 Books on arts of all kind, and science
8 Works of art - Clotilde de Crombrugghe
9 Works of art - Winters at the Riviera
10 Universal and similar exhibitions
11 Caricature, satire and other portrayals
12 Works of art - Various
13 Illustrated literature
14 Of countries, cities and travelling
15 Military thought and practice
16 Classical history
17 From the interwar period
18 Ephemeral printing
19 From the Belle époque
21 The Ilsemann collection
23 The Great War - general
24 De Eerste Wereldoorlog in het Nederlands
25 Things of the mind: philosophy and more
26 How to behave in life?
27 Lithographies by Paul Renouard
28 Book history and related subjects
29 Literatuur vertaald in het Nederlands
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